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Canaan Partners Israel

Meet Canaan Partners Israel, leading investments in early stage

technology startups with unparalleled direct global reach for accelerating

company building of partner entrepreneurs.

Canaan Partners Israel (CPI) is a venture capital fund focused on early stage technology investments in Israel. Started by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, CPI is dedicated to working closely with founders to help them transform innovative ideas into global, successful companies.


 We leverage the strengths of Canaan Partners’ global network and on-the-ground presence in New-York City and Silicon Valley, and CPI’s close relationship with industry-leading multi-national technology players. We provide access to strategic partners, industry experts, top-tier customers and follow-on investors.


 We seek long term partnerships with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their ideas and diligent on executing their plans. We like to join them early and work with them in building companies from the ground up.

We focus our investments on 3 main sectors where we believe the Israeli entrepreneurs have a unique competitive advantage.

We are looking to invest in seed and early stage startups that are developing innovative products or services that have a sustainable competitive edge, targeting large growing markets, maintaining capital efficient scalable business models and proven execution by the founding team.


  • Digital Life & Mobile

  • SaaS & Enterprise Solutions

  • Internet & Cloud Infrastructure


Canaan Partners Israel Active Portfolio Companies

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Notable Exits and Investments Lead By CPI’s Founders

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Start-Up Stadium

Start-Up Stadium is the largest online startup community in Israel powered by Canaan Partners Israel. We leverage the strengths of the Israeli startup eco-system for the benefit of the community members. Start-Up Stadium is a place to promote thought leadership, knowledge transfer and a platform that enables entrepreneurs to leverage the power of the network to share their ideas, launch their applications and services and get direct feedback from the wisdom of the crowd.

הייטק בפקקים Hi tech BaPkakim
Start-up stadium

Connect With Canaan Partners Israel

We’d love to hear from you.



T:  +972-9-972-6858

20 Raoul Wallenberg St.
Building A Floor #1
Tel Aviv


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